Women and Menopause


It has been known that menopause has been linked to dome skin changes.  We all know that women experience physical, physiological and emotional changes when they are at the onset of menopause.

Menopause happens when the woman is already in her late 40s or early 50s.  This the time when the woman’s menstruation ceases.  This also means that the birth potential of a woman has come to an end.

With this kind of effect, the woman may experience different kinds of changes which may affect her overall being. The hormones in her body like estrogen fluctuates and drops to almost zero.  This fluctuation is often the cause of the many physical and bodily changes in her being.

One of which is the feeling of dryness and hot flashes.  When a woman is already in her menopausal period, she is also often bothered emotionally.  That is why we are often told that women who are nearing menopause are always irritated.


Let us take a look at the different effects of menopause to a woman who experiences the symptoms:

  • Vaginal Symptoms

Menopausal period often gives a lot of signs and symptoms to women. One of which is the vaginal symptoms she gets from being menopause.  Vaginal dryness and itchiness are often experiences due to the drop in the levels of estrogen and testosterone. They may also feel pain during sex because they have less lubrication than during their younger years.

Because of this vaginal dryness, menopausal women are often victims of vaginal infection.

  • Urinary Infections

The same effect of dryness will be experienced by the urethra.  The lining of the urethra also becomes dry.  It is also caused by the drop in estrogen level.  This will, in turn, makes you prone to urinary tract infection and urinary tract incontinence.

Incontinence means not being able to control your urge to urinate. Urine leaks may happen when you a cough, laugh or lift objects that are heavy.

  • Emotional and Cognitive Symptoms

Women in their menopausal period become easily irritable, depressed and emotional.  These may be caused by hormonal imbalances.

These become a very common behavior if women are nearing their menopausal stage.  We have to adapt to these changes and the people around them should be understanding and supportive about what they are experiencing as a major change in their lives.

  • Physical changes

It is really very hard for women to cope with the changes and symptoms of the menopausal stage.  They are not only affected emotionally but physically as well.

Women are vain creatures.  When their outer beauty is at stake they really feel horrible about it.  So the idea of physical changes in menopause is one horrific truth for them.  Maybe they can accept the little changes they feel about themselves or even emotionally but never would they allow physical changes to take effect on them.

Physical changes may mean the appearance of pimples and acne on your face.  Yes, acne and pimples are not only for teenagers, menopausal women may also experience the outbreak of acne as a symptom of menopause.

When a woman feels that she lost her beauty, it makes her feel depressed.  Depression is another sign of menopause.  This may aggravate the situation considering that she already has a depression issue.

Well, knowing these life changes in a menopausal period doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world.  This symptom will eventually pass through.  It will definitely come to an end.  It’s how you deal with them that is important.

Women are bearing all the difficulties of life from her menstruation to childbearing and now the menopausal period.  We should try to understand every hardship that every woman in our society is dealing with.

It is no joke to go all through these signs and symptoms of undergoing emotional and physical changes all at the same time.  Some women who were not able to handle such depression are often victims of mental illness.

We need to understand that these signs are only temporary and fleeting.  We should know how to counter every signs and symptom we feel as a sign of menopause.

One is combating the depression problems that you feel before, during and after the menopause.

Here are some tips to help you battle the symptoms of depression during menopause:

  • Eat healthily and stay active

Eating the right food will keep you in balance with your state of mind.  There is the certain food that may aggravate the situation and often lead to a complex depression.  Eat a good diet rich in vegetables and fruits that will lift your mood.

Staying active will automatically deplete your down syndromes.  When you focus on the activities that make you enjoy life, you will forget about your depressed feelings.

Jog, exercise or do yoga, these are some of the activities which will keep your mind in focus.

  • Avoid Vices

Vices like smoking and alcohol drinking are not good for your body. It brings out a negative effect which may lead to further depression.  You don’t want to feel such things right.  So stay on the right track and do what is good for you.

  • Stay Connected

Your family and friends can be a great source of joy and support system.  Do not allow yourself to be alone when you feel depressed.  Find someone to talk to about your problems or simply just about anything to keep you light and busy.  Happy stories from old happy memories can lift up your sad mood.

Those simple tips can be useful and helpful to those experiencing bad symptoms during a menopausal stage. We know the hardships of every woman at this stage.

Depression is a very difficult stage which can often lead to suicidal attempts for those who cannot fully cope with the effects of depression.

Remember, menopausal symptoms naturally go away after some time, so never allow yourself be affected by the negative effects of it.

Try to act as normally as you can, Menopause is something all women must embrace because these are part of their being a woman.  It is one of the most wonderful feelings of being a woman.  You have fulfilled one of your major roles in life.  You are not a woman if you do not undergo any of these symptoms.

Rise and be victorious in fighting the battle of menopausal signs and symptoms.  Once you overcome this, you can truly say that you are a woman.



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