Medical Vs Natural Treatment On Eliminating Eye Wrinkles. Which Is Good?


What Cause Eye Wrinkle and Dark Eye Circles?

Under eye wrinkles and dark eye circles  and even sunken eyes are some caused of concern especially if you are young and 24 yrs old only.  According to Dr. Amiya Prasad, a Cosmetic Surgeon  in New York said it is probably caused by many reasons like hereditary and environmental factors. Some people would try all the over-the-counter treatments.  Most of which they get by watching commercials which all guarantees to improve wrinkles and other skin problems. Dr. Prasad tells that the skin texture of the under eye skin is the thinnest skin .  It is very susceptible to environmental damage or stress and even dehydration. Most skin experts and doctors would try to build up the collagen. Dr. Prasad shared that they used a technique called Platelet Rich Plasma.

This Platelet Rich Plasma is actually drawn from your own blood.  You will go to a regular routine laboratory test, which will actually draw the blood, spin it and concentrate the platelets.   The platelets are the most important part of the blood when it comes to clotting and healing and they inject it under the skin. this will stimulate the blood supply. The  blood supply  to the skin improves the skin texture and quality.  It is giving very good results. In addition to this, some people with fine lines and wrinkles will be treated with various lasers and radio frequency devices. Basically, what they do medically is stimulating new collagen formation  using heat .  So whether it is a laser , employ heat or radio frequency, the collagen and the backbone of the other skin is being tightened. The medical industry also considers the application of fillers.  What fillers do is they basically fill in some deeper areas like the tear tract area called Restolin.

Restolin is in the hydraulonic acid family and basically,  it is in the under eye hollow.  We try to fill that space so artistically so that it looks natural or blends very well. Dynamic wrinkles  forms when you have an activity like smiling.  This forms wrinkles and a periodical treatment has to be done periodically. If  you are 24 yrs.old , you may be considered too young to be doing this.  But if you have other factors to consider like genetic factors, then considering a botox treatment may be done. Under eye wrinkle  and dark eye circles are common problems for mature  individuals.  However , as what Dr. Prasad mentioned it affects mostly everybody. There should be more concern if you are young but you have a genetic factor that would cause  your  under eye wrinkles and dark eye circles.

Natural Treatment for Eye Dark Circles

Natural Way Treat Eye Wrinkle and Dark Eye Circles

The techniques shared by Dr. Prasad works more on the medical aspect and technical surgeries.  All this may cost you a lot of money.  Laser treatments and radio frequencies are all costly.  But in terms of effectivity, it could be more effective and offers faster results. People who have the money to spend on these laser treatments and surgeries since they want to see the immediate results of the treatments. There are a lot of information on the internet sharing the most effective way of eliminating this under eye wrinkles and dark circles in the eyes. Mostly this method teaches the natural way and uses natural ingredients to treat the problem. Aging problems especially the ones in the eye area seem to be so stubborn.  With a lot of known factors, that may contribute it.  most people doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

They become lost as to how they have acquired this eye wrinkle and dark eye circle problems.  Some people who have these problems are still young.  It becomes an area of concern to them. The confidence of looking young and beautiful has already passed them so easily. A word of advice for people suffering from this problem is to know what causes your eye wrinkles to appear so soon.  Does stress cause it ? or some poor diet and lifestyle may be causing it? You should know this.  In order to cure the problem, you must know the root cause of the problem.  Actually, the appearance of wrinkles and dark eye circles are symptoms of  more serious problems.

Stress is the biggest factor in this generation and eventually wears the body down over time.  Wrinkles start to appear if the body is so stressed.  The physical looks of the body will eventually show how stressed you are. This is being shown by how haggard your looks could be. Wrinkles set in and dark eye circles  will appear implying that you are over stressed.  With these wrinkles appearing on your face, you look older and more mature. The most natural way to combat the effects of stress on you is to make sure that you get enough sleep.  Eight hours of complete sleep daily will naturally erase the years off your age.

medical treatment for eye wrinkle

Natural Ways to Combat Stress

  • Getting enough sleep will allow the body to rest and regain strength.
  • Sleeplessness contributes to the dark and sunken eyes.  Avoid staying up late to avoid getting the dark eye circles . Look for skin care products that are proven effective.
  • Hydrate yourself. Water is a very important factor.  In almost all beauty regimen, taking in enough water is always part of the routine.  Water hydrates the skin and this prevents wrinkles from appearing.  Wrinkles are signs that the skin is not properly hydrated.
  • Eat Nutritious Food.  Start a new eating habit.  What you take in may cause your appearance to get and look older.  Choose the right food to eat.  Avoid junk food and other sugary foods.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables .  Vegetables are very rich in vitamins and minerals.  Some vegetables provide enough hydration for the skin also.  There are vegetables that rich and succulent. So if you are not into taking water too much, take succulent fruits and vegetables that will provide the hydration you needed.
  • Avoid eating before bedtime  because this will affect your sleeping.  Like we say earlier, sleeplessness may cause you the dark eye circles.
  • Avoid working too much.  Fatigue is also the cause of stress that may give you your eye wrinkles and dark eye circles.

So the options are the for you.  Will you take the expensive immediate results of medical treatment and surgery or would you take the method that  will help you out without shedding too much from your budget?  Make a better choice!

medical treatment for eye wrinkle

We hope that you found these tips useful for your eyes but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your beautiful eyes.


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