Have A Flawless Skin With This Simple 5 Night Time Hacks


FFlawless skin is what everybody is dreaming of.  A flawless skin is a skin that is soft smooth and light, free from the imperfections and impurities.  In other words, to have a flawless skin is like having the skin of a celebrity. We will teach you , simple night time hacks that will help you in achieving the flawless skin you always dream about.  The skin of a Hollywood celebrity is not right at your fingertips. Sometimes, we wonder why other people have such a beautiful and healthy skin.  So radiant and young looking skin, is it for real? Yes, some individuals are really born with that kind of skin which appears so perfect to us.

You can have that skin too, if you follow any of these 5 night time hacks we gonna teach you.  If you regularly do these at night before going to bed it will surely give you the Hollywood star skin you have been dreaming of and you will avoid signs of aging. So let’s get started.  Before you do any of these hacks make sure that you have done the skin test, to be sure that your skin won’t be irritated by any of these ingredients that we will use.

5 Night Time Hacks for a Flawless Skin

  • Seasalt Spray.   We are not talking here of the ordinary table salt that you used daily in food preparation or the one you find in your kitchen.

The salt in the kitchen is the bad salt which brings negativity in your body.  Too much consumption of this salt will bring your blood pressure up. This is the effect of the table salt because we have stripped its natural mineral content and sold in mass production thus it comes at a  very cheap price. Then there are other types of salt, the Sea salt, and the Epsom salt.  It has been proven that Sea salt and Epsom salt has some curative property.  The saltiness of the sea when you are at the beach will prove this.

If you are in doubt , try this, if you have a wound try to wash it with sea water and you will see the wound heals faster than before.  Certain salts have the ability to hold water, the same reason why we use them in some moisturizers. Using salt in your beauty regimen will improve the texture and clarity of your skin. Salt scrubs are effective in removing dead skin cells and it greatly improves in skin hydration. In making your Sea salt spray, you just have to mix Sea salt with water and put it in a spray bottle.  Spray some onto your skin, let it dry for a while then rinse off with tap water. That’s the first night time hack , Sea salt spray.  Then we move to the next, using witch hazel as your toner.

night time skincare routine

  • Witch Hazel .  Using witch hazel as your toner.  Witch hazel comes from the bark and leaves of  Hamamelis Virginiana, it is the common witch hazel shrub.  The boiled leaves of witch hazel are used to treat skin irritations and tumors.

Witch hazel is now known to be the skincare products as a  natural cleanser and skin toner.  The benefits of using witch hazel in your skin are so limitless.

Witch hazel act as the following:

  • Natural Astringent
  • Fade bruises and blemishes
  • Make Varicose veins disappear
  • Brightens the eyes
  • Stops bleeding
  • Cool down sunburn
  • Ease bug bites and stings and a whole lot more

The third hack will be using sugar and lemons. We all know that lemon is a popular ingredient to be used for skincare because it has plenty of vitamin C which is good for the skin.

  • Lemon and Sugar.   Pour some sugar into a bowl then squeeze some lemon into it and make a concoction.  Apply this in areas where you have plenty of blackheads.

The acid in  the lemon will draw out all the impurities you have in your skin.  The sugar acts as a good exfoliant  that scrubs out the dead skin out.

  • Toothpaste.  Yes , this is our fourth skin hacks at night.  Toothpaste is not just for brushing your teeth.  It works effectively also in healing pimples.

Try putting some into your pimples at night before you go to sleep and you will notice that your pimples dry faster.  Toothpaste can also help soothe some bug bites and other skin rashes.

  • Aloe Vera Gel.  Our last night time hack is using aloe vera gel.  It will help moisturize your skin and its anti-inflammatory properties help  in reducing acne flare- ups.  Aloe vera is also effective in soothing sunburns, it allows your skin to cool down.

There it is the 5 night time hacks you can do regularly to help achieve a flawless skin.  Doing any of these nightly hacks will also help in maintaining your skin’s radiance and youthful glow. The method we taught you are all using natural skincare method  and is guaranteed to protect your skin.  No harmful chemicals will irritate your sensitive skin. In choosing the best formula for your skin, you have to make sure that it is all natural and organic.

flawless skin

Chemical substance may greatly irritate your skin.  The skin test that you have to make before starting off with any of this natural formula will avoid any irritation. We never know if some of these natural ingredients may impose an allergic reaction to your skin. Therefore to avoid any of these problems, test your skin for allergy.  Another thing is you should know that these formulas may vary in effect and result from one person to another. Sometimes the reaction of our skin differs.  Some may have  abrupt results, others may take a while before the results can be seen.  Others can have an amazing result on their skin while others don’t have much effect at all.

So , how will you know the correct formula that will work best and effectively for you?  Well , only you can discover the one that works well for you.  Try out different formulas and observe the ones that deliver the best result for you.

We hope that you found these tips useful for your skin but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your beautiful skin.


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