Ways To Avoid Eye Bags and Eye Puffiness


The beauty of a person can be seen through the eyes.  The eyes, as they say, reflects your inner self.  But at times, the eyes don’t reflect the real you because it is being covered by the imperfections caused by your eye bags and eye puffiness.

These eye bags and puffiness surrounding your eye area are not good to see and in fact it may seen as a signs of aging.  It gives off a very negative impression no matter how good your inner self is.  Eye bags make us look haggard and ugly.  With all those puffs appearing around the eye area, you could tell that someone maybe having some bad habits against himself.

It wasn’t really a good reflection of who you are as a person.  Although some eye puffiness is caused by your late night habits, there are also some which are caused by their bad vices.  Bad vices also include late night or no sleep at all and habitual smoking and drinking.

These vices may give off a bad result like eye puffiness and eye bags.  Honestly, eye bags and puffs are not pleasant to see.  Imagine a person with such a pretty face, then she is having those bags under her eyes.  It would look distracting.  But we need to look at why people develop these bags and puffs on their eyes.

There could be a countless reason for these eye bags and eye puffiness.  Some of which as we have mentioned earlier are brought about by their late night habits.

There are some factors that could lead to this eye bags.  Let us take a look at the triggering factors of eye bags and eye puffiness.


Late Night Habits

If you have been engaged in some late night habits, eventually your bags and puffs will become pretty obvious.  We do not know the scientific explanation to this but this is really connected to one another.  When you lack sleep, those eye bags and eye puffs will surely get in the way.

Therefore, if you want those eye bags to disappear, try completing 8 hours of sleep and try to sleep soundly every night.  Nothing beats a complete hour of rest.  So if you wanna stay beautiful, sleep like sleeping beauty.  The reason why we have beauty rest is that resting can make us become beautiful and feel beautiful.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking gives our body a drying tendency.  The more we smoke the drier our skin becomes.  If the skin becomes dry the fluid that is drained from our skin may fall through the areas around the eyes.  Eye bags are actually water or fluid that comes from own skin or face.  It drips through the under eye area and becomes an eye bag.

The drier our skin, the bigger bags we have, and wrinkles and fine lines which is not good to see because both give us a negative impression from other people.  You can easily spot a smoker simply because of their physical looks.   A smoker has sunken eyes and puffiness around the eye area.  By the simple looks of it, you can tell that the person has been down with vices and other problems in life.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol just like smoking is also bad for the health.  These vices will not only give you eye bags and eye puff, but it will also give you a bad health.  So many diseases and illnesses come from alcohol and smoking.

Not only will it give you dark circles but too much alcohol in the body may lead to liver and kidney problems.

These are just some of the major causes of eye bags. If you want to avoid these, you might as well change your lifestyle and habits.  Some changes should be habit-forming.  You cannot achieve the changes you wanted for your eyes for just a temporary time.  The effects will come back once you return to your bad habits and vices.

Changing habits should be your lifestyle.  Once you get on with the kind of life that you have, a clean and healthy living then change can never be far behind.  Little by little those bags will disappear and you can start a new life with new life forming habits.

Are There Cosmetic Products We can Use to Eliminate the Bags?

We have received a lot of inquiry regarding the possibility of using a skin care product to augment and eliminate the puffiness of the eyes.  Well, luckily there are so many products available in the market today which can work out your eye bags and puffy eyes.

The great question is still about the effectiveness of the eye serum products.  Yes, there are many attempts to solve our problems on eye bags, but there are really very few products in the market today which we can say can truly remove eye bags from our face.

Commercial products are commercial products, they are in the market because of money.  The manufacturers created the product to earn a profit for their business.  We cannot conclude that all the products sold are proven effective.  You really have to check it for yourself to tell that the product is good and works effectively on eye bags.

There are eye creams used for the reducing the bags.  Some are made by well-known brands while others are no names.  We cannot tell that the known brands are effective.  It really depends on the user as to what products are useful for her,

Natural Remedies

There are so many natural remedies for eye bags and puffiness.  In natural skincare methods you can be sure of its safety and effective.  However, the effective may take a longer time before it takes place but it will surely happen.  The most important thing is that it is sure to happen, you just need to do the regime regularly.

What are these Natural Ingredients?


Cucumber – It is one of the most popular and known ingredient tops remove eye bags and eye puffiness.  It is an old tale from the old people.  But, cucumber is not just an old tale, it has some touch of truth in it which was passed on from generation to generation.

How do we use cucumbers to counter the effect of eye bags?

Cucumbers should be sliced and placed in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes.  Once the cucumbers are chilled, you have to place two thin slices on top of your eyes.  You need to lie down and close your eyes to do this.

It will help give you a soothing effect which in turn will give you a relaxing feel which can help subside the swelling in your eyes.  The cool effect of the cucumber is the one which gives off the anti-inflammation effect of the cucumber.

Spoons – Use a metal spoon instead of cucumbers.  Do the same things as you did with the cucumber.  Freeze it for about 15 minutes. Once it is cold enough place the spoon over your eyes like you did with the cucumber.  It will give off the same cooling effect as the cucumber but you will definitely be able to use it again and again as long as you have the spoon.

When something is swollen, we applied a cold compress to make the swollen part subside. These are the same ideology used in cold cucumbers and spoons.

Eye bags can be remedied, if only you will follow the healthy lifestyle guide.


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We hope that you found these tips useful for your eyes but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your beautiful eyes.


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