Is Sunblock Can Help Protect Us Against Skin Problems?


Enjoying in the sun is fun.  There are a lot of fun activities which are best enjoyed when you are doing it under the sunshine.  The same reason why most people loved the summer season.

There are a lot of fun and adventure you can make under the sunlight some of these activities are swimming, hiking, basketball, volleyball, and others.  Although some of these activities can be enjoyed indoors, there’s nothing more like doing it under the sun.

It is indeed fun and enjoyable but, are we aware of the risk that we are taking when we are exposing ourselves too much in the sun.

Not many people are aware of these, but this is the great chance to know why is it not fine to just enjoy the sun.  Truly the experience it gives us is pure fun but will it still be fun to know that you have acquired a skin disease simply by enjoying.

Skin Dehydration

The summer adventure that your family is supposed to enjoy would turn into a disaster knowing that you or a member of your beloved family has been afflicted with a dreaded skin disease.

What Really Are the Risk of Sun Exposure?

Asking about the potential risk of sun exposure, maybe it is a great deal to know the precautions before you can truly expose yourself to a full sunbathing or stay outdoors all day long without any protection.

The risk of Sun Exposure:

These are just some of the most known effects of sun exposure.  If not treated immediately, the situation may escalate into something offensive and serious like skin cancer.  If the condition leads to the development of a skin cancer, more or less it is going to be life threatening.

With the current condition of our earth’s surface, we all know that our ozone layer has been depleting for some time.  This kind of depletion causes the earth to a closer exposure to the UV rays of the sun.  We know that UV rays contain free radicals that can damage the skin.

The ozone layer is the only protection of the earth against the harmful rays of the sun. Without it, the earth has little or no protection against the sunlight harmful rays.  It can directly hit us without us knowing it.

Therefore we need a strong protection against these.  Sunblock protection gives a protective covering for our skin.  Sunblock on its own may not be enough to protect us, therefore we should do something drastic and serious on covering ourselves thoroughly.

Covering means we have to use an umbrella, a hat, a scarf or anything that will keep us covered.  Even shades for the eyes during hot summer days is advisable.

Do You Mean We Can No Longer Go Out During Summer?

Well, it is indeed a little sacrifice, we know that a lot of people are really enjoying the sun so much and hiding from it would cause them a lot of frustration and disappointment.  If you cannot avoid exposing yourself to the sun, well then you may just lessen it or at least try a bit to cover up.

Using sunblock can be of great help.  But you should consider that sunblock will only be good for the next 2 hours.  After that, you have to reapply the sunblock to ensure that you are still properly protected.

What Are the Uses of Sunblock?

Sunblocks come in different SF levels, the higher the SF content, the better sun protection you have.  It normally comes in 15, 20, 30 and 50 as the highest level of SPF.  The sunblock protection contained in beauty and cosmetic products may not be a good protection after all.

A separate sunblock cream must be used for added and sure protection.  Cosmetic contained sunblock could help protect you against the UV rays but its effect is not that drastic.

How Does Sunblock Help Us?

  • It gives a sure protection against the sun
  • It will give the top layer of your skin the needed protection against sunburn.
  • It will protect your skin against skin cancer.

These major effects of sunblock can really ensure your safety on going out of the sun.  Just make sure that you are well-protected by applying the sunblock after every two hours.

The effect of sunblock wears off once you perspire and constantly wipe away your sweat.  When this happens, you are also wiping off the protective covering given off by the sunblock.  Therefore we need to reapply it.

The use of sunblock is really essential and important to all of us.  The sun will not only give us a simple sunburn but from that simple sunburn, we may acquire the much-dreaded disease like skin cancer.  Let us not risk our life for this reason.

The Importance of Using Sunblocks

There are people who have no choice but to expose themselves to the sun because their job requires them to work under the sun.  These are the construction workers, the gardeners, the electricians and the peddlers.,  Most of these people work under the sun day in and out.

Take a good look at these people, they not only have a dark colored skin but they also become so dry and rugged.  Most of the people who work in the sun usually look older and haggard.

Limiting our exposure to the sun will greatly help and protect us.  Also, remember that the harmful rays of the sun are always there even when you don’t see the sun.

As of now that the earth hasn’t found a single cure for its ozone layer depletion, we will continue to suffer.  Every creature on earth is greatly affected by this phenomenon.  Not only the human beings but, all of the environment are changing for the worst scenarios.

Flooding everywhere and catastrophic incidents are happening all because of climate change. Climate has changed because of the depleting ozone layer of the earth.

Human lives are now being threatened to be extinct because of the sun.  Let us not wait for it to happen.  When humans will be erased from the face of the earth.

Let us do our part and share in saving the earth.  Humans would only lose their skin and their lives but once the environment is destroyed the life that we save will become useless.

We hope that you found these tips useful for your skin but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your precious skin.


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