How Stress and Aging Affects Our Health


How many times have we heard about stress affecting the health of people?  This is commonly true.  Stress brings about a lot of negativity in our life.

But what really is stress? Stress is when you worry about things which you cannot do anything about.  When you worry, there are many things that bother you.  You cannot eat well and you cannot sleep.

These two detrimental things are doing harm to your overall health in particular.  Not eating and not sleeping enough are dangerous things to yourself.  Did you know that not getting enough sleep can put your life in danger?

When you lack sleep, your body will not be able to recover from illnesses nor will it be able to repair the damage cells and tissues which can only happen when the body is at rest.

During our sleepless nights, our brain remains active by your over thinking.  When your brain works, even if you are lying down, the body is still considered awake.  We need to sleep for our body to regain the strength and energy that was lost during the day’s work and activities.

We become very active during the daytime and so just like anybody, we need to rest as well.  Stress can be very damaging to us if you do this thing to yourself. You spend your sleepless nights thinking about your problems and worries which you are really hands off.

The effects of stress do not only come with the health issues involved but with your overall appearance as well.

How do stressed people look like?


The highly stressed individual would usually look haggard and dull. When they are looking haggard, normally beauty isn’t their priority.  They lost interest in mending their looks, more so they already forgot how to fix themselves.

They often look like zombies walking out of the closets. Signs of aging will come out.  That is how stress makes people miserable.  If you come to think of it, misery should not be our thing.  Yes, we do have problems and we do encounter downfalls in our life.  But on the positive note, downfalls are needed to make us stronger for the next problem to come.

If we do not emerge victorious in the battles of our life, we will find ourselves on the brink of extinction.

So how do we deal with stress to avoid the negative impact in our lives and most especially to our looks?

When we feel stressed our bodies released cortisol and adrenaline.  Adrenaline is the hormone responsible for giving you a faster heart rate.  You will feel that your heart is racing fast.  The feeling of nervousness is exactly what you feel when you are stressed.

A person under stress can never have that relaxed and happy mood. It seems as if, there is always someone running after him or her.  When you always have the feeling of keeping yourself on the lookout for something, it will never give you the peace of mind and the relaxed state.

Your body remains active.  The released of these two hormones are very dangerous to your body.  The adrenaline rush can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. When your blood pressure is constantly high, we know that it poses a great danger to our body.  Cortisol, on the other hand, lowers the immune system and make you susceptible to diseases.

Cortisol is the hormone released when we have the feeling of fear or danger. It interferes with our learning and memory.  That is why people who are stressed have a low brain function, they cannot think well and cannot function well.  Your focus is on your fear.

Now, let’s discuss how stress can affect your physical looks.  A person who is stressed will generally look older than his age groups.  A man who is constantly stressed at work would normally look older than his batchmates.

You can easily tell if a person is under stress by the way he carries himself.  Taking late nights at work or doing things to accomplish a duty or a work may take its toll on you.


Stress can give you the following:

  • Eye bags

When you constantly consider late nights, expect these eye bags to form.  These are the ill effects of staying late at nights and not finding enough time to sleep.

Remember that you are a human being who needs to rest.  Even machines broke down when they continue working overtime.  Much more us, humans.  We cannot handle the straight 24 hours of work.

  • Dark Eye Circles

Along with your eye bags, dark eye circles that form under your eye area is also becoming a problem for stressed individuals.

The appearance of the dark eye circles is all the more adding up to the haggard look you have.

  • Wrinkles

Wrinkles are common for stressed people.  Since they forgot to care about their looks and well-being, they simply allow things to come their way like exposing themselves to the sun, not washing their faces properly and going to bed without cleaning their make-ups.

Well, this is the only disgusting things about people who cannot handle stress.  They do not mind about their looks anymore.

Wrinkles will start to form when your skin loses hydration.  Hydration is lost when you do not properly moisturize your skin.

When wrinkles appear, the more you will haggard and old.

  • Dry skin

Dry skin and wrinkles come together. They are partners in crime.  Wrinkles appear when your skin becomes dry.  Dryness appears when you forget to moisturize it.

When the skin is dry, you are more susceptible to wrinkle formation.

How do you imagine yourself now with all the negative effects of stress?  Try looking yourself in the mirror and see if you can still find the real you.

When you come to realize that you have lost yourself only then you will find out how stressed have slowly been killing you.

Well, it is never too late to revive the old you.  If you are still young and you feel that stress is taking its toll on you, do something now.  There are so many ways in which you can fight stress.  But first, you need to avoid stress.  Otherwise, the result will keep coming back again and again.

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