Here Are The Right Food To Avoid Acne


Acne can be the worst thing that could happen to your face.  Its outbreak may cause a person to lose self-confidence. No matter how beautiful the face maybe if it is infected with acne and pimple, you lose the beauty of your face. Acne and pimple can be embarassing and frustrating  for a person.  Fortunately, acne problems are somehow avoidable  and can be remedied by over-the- counter drugs or by natural home treatment. Most acne cases and even other skin blemishes are caused by food.  Sometimes hormonal imbalance can also play a vital role in the outbreak of acne. The good thing is in both cases, acne is treatable.

The Food We Eat May Cause Acne Problem

A lot of people think that teenagers or those who are in the age of puberty are more prone to having pimple and acne problem.  Well as this may sound true,  and even adults can still have pimple and acne problems. The big question is that how come other people can outgrow the pimples and acne infection period while the others don’t.  Certain people have such bad cases of acne. Commercial products for acne treatment focus on keeping the skin clean and clearing the clogged pores.  This idea seems to sound so unfair.

Some people have to exert extra effort in cleaning their skin and still get acne.  While others don’t do anything on their skin and was still able to keep it pimple free.

What Really is the Proper Approach to Acne?

Knowing the real culprit and rooting out the main cause pf the problem would generally help.  Acne develops inside the body and not outside. The skin is an organ.  It is an organ of elimination.  Waste products are excreted through the skin and we lose the necessary minerals when we sweat.

Too many  toxins in the body wanting to be eliminated may result in skin inflammation that may result in clogged pores.  This clogged pores will cause the formation of acne and pimple. In order to properly treat acne, we must first get rid of the toxic waste inside our body.  The inflamed and clogged pores of acne may become infected.  This will develop into pus.

In this case, the doctor may prescribe the use of antibiotics to treat the infection.  If you stop taking the antibiotics , acne and pimple will come back.  The reason for this is simple.  The root cause of the problem still exists, toxins are still present inside your body. Certain studies have been made that acne really comes from the food we eat.  We may not notice it but there are some foods which we are allergic to.


There isn’t just one food that causes acne.  Any food allergy is capable of causing acne.  However, dairy products are one of the most common causes of acne.

Most of the times, it is so difficult to recognize one’s own food allergy.  Some symptoms may show some delays.  It sometimes shows up even a day later, after the food is well-absorbed into your system. The difficulty of finding out the allergy causes is because some foods , such as dairy and wheat are so common in our diet, that we eat it almost every day. Thus, making a conclusion about the type of food that gives you allergy is quite impossible. There is really a food that causes  the outbreak of acne and pimple.  Avoiding this food will greatly improve your skin and remove the toxins out of your body system.

Foods to Avoid Acne

One of the most common food to avoid is grain or gluten.  Grains or gluten increased the inflammation of the gut.  This will contribute to the growth of acne bacteria. Anything that has to do with sugars and sweet treats has to be avoided.  Soda and other drinks with high sugar content contribute a lot to the skin outbreak or acne. Well, not only that sugar is causing your skin outbreak , but too much sugar will also lead to obesity and diabetes.  Diabetes is one of the leading cause of death.  It damages the kidney and other human organs.

The sweetness of sugar isn’t so sweet at all.  It harms and poisons our body in a way that its sweetness will lead us to our own bitter death. Quite ironic but a lot of people especially the young ones are lured into the sweet taste of sugar.  All the good food to eat which appears so delicious to our taste buds are sweet.  Soda, ice creams, cakes, chocolates, donuts and a whole lot more are so hard to resist.

Unknowingly, you are depositing plenty of toxins in your body which causes it to break out in our skin in the form of acne, pimple,  and other skin problems. Are you convinced that acne is something internal in nature?  If you are pimple-prone, 100% of your body system is a toxic waste. Cleanse your system, purify it and eliminate all the waste inside.  Soon, everything will come out clean.  To do this you will have to take in a lot of  fiber in your diet.


What are the Top Foods to Eat To Avoid Acne?

Fiber.  It helps in eliminating waste inside your intestinal system. It balances your blood sugar level.  Foods that are rich in fiber are the seeds like flaxseed and almond.  Brown rice is also a good source of fiber.

Protein rich foods like chicken, fish, and eggs are the best source of protein.  It works best for your system.

Fat.  A good fat is always healthy.  Coconut oil is the best source of good fat.  It has a good antimicrobial property that fights off the bad bacteria causing acne.

Best Supplement.  Choose the best supplement that contains good probiotic, zinc and elderberry.  Good probiotic kills the bad bacteria that causes acne.  Zinc helps in the repair of the gut lining and it also boost the immune system.  Elderberry is best in doing the candida cleanse.  it takes away all sugar.

Do remember to use a tea tree oil for your face wash. It will aid in the healing and drying of the outbreaks.

It is really important to find the root cause of your acne problem.  Do not blame the environment or the external factors.  Most of the time if the acne problem is recurrent,  the problem comes from the inside. Watch the food you eat, a dietary change will greatly improve your skin .  Choose only the best food that will contribute to the healing and preventive measures against the onset and outbreak of acne.


We hope that you found these tips useful for your face but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your beautiful face.


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