What Are The Real Cause of Acne and Pimple?


Acne and pimples are two of the most serious problems we have as a teenager.  But there are also some adults who are still having problems with their acne and finding solutions for their stubborn pimples.

Based on our past discussion on skin care, acne and pimple are caused by oily skin.  The production of acnes and pimples can sometimes be due to overproduction of our sebaceous glands.  When the sebaceous glands become clogged with oil and dirt, then that’s the onset of acne and pimple appearance.

Most people especially the teenagers who are growing adolescent, would experience this acne and pimple in their lifetime.  The major cause of pimples and acne to teenagers are their changing hormones.  When there is a sudden increase in estrogen, the production of oil in the body becomes very active.

For girls, the over production of their hormone estrogen would lead to overproduction of oil, which in turn causes the appearance of acne and pimple on their faces.

There are many different factors for the causes of acne and pimples. Some of these were:

  • Increased Hormonal level

Whether it’s a boy or girl as long as you are having problems with your skin. We may blame your hormone for doing such.  Too much acne and pimple would mean that your body is producing an excess of hormones in your body.

How do we alter this?

Many people don’t do anything against a pimple and acne attack.  Normally, the teenager’s breakout is just but temporary. Sooner or later, those pimples will naturally go away after some time or right after the onset of your maturity or adulthood.

There is really not much we can do if the problem is just temporary.  Most teenagers were able to overcome their problems just by letting it pass away naturally.

When they reach the adult stage, normally these skin outbreaks would normally go also. However, in other cases, some adults who already passed the teeners stage doesn’t seem to outgrow their acne and pimple problems.

For teenagers, solving their problems about a pimple and acne is simple. You just have to do these simple steps to avoid having pimple and acne problems.  You may also reverse the adolescent stage of having too many acne and pimple on your skin.


Simple Tips to Achieve Pimple-Free Skin

  • Always Clean Your Skin

Keeping the skin clean all the time is very important.  Every day our skin is exposed to different kinds of dirt and pollutions.  This dirt is tiny molecules that seep in deep into the pores of the ski oun.  Added to that the oil that our skin produced.  Imagine this with all the dirt that seeps in.  Isn’t it a great blockage to your skin.

Remember thatr skin needs to breathe.  It needs oxygen to make the skin function normally.  Without oxygen, the skin will be suffocated leading it to death just like us.  When the skin is dead, all the necessary essentials needed for a good skin will be gone.  It will be the harboring place of bacteria and organisms just like acne and pimples.

So we need to thoroughly clean the face with a gentle soap or cleanser to remove all the impurities that you have collected throughout the day. After cleansing, you may apply a toner to tone the skin and a moisturizer to keep it soft and hydrated.

Moisturizing the skin is needed to keep the skin hydrated and soft.  Cleansing the skin is necessary to remove the excess the oils on your face.  However, too much washing will strip the skin of the necessary nutrients that our skin needs.

  • Apply a Mask

There are so many masks that you can produce on your own or a mask which you can buy at a shop.  Both can be effective to relieve your skin of the excess oils.  But it is highly recommended that you create your own mask to be sure that it is safe and effective.

An egg mask mix with some lemon extracts can be very effective for your skin.  The egg mask will serve as an anti-pimple ingredient which can also stretch the skin and remove the unnecessary lines and wrinkles on your skin.

The lemon extract will help repel the excess oil that your face produces.  Combined together, you have the most effective mask which can help in fighting pimple and acne on your skin.

  • Avoid picking on your acne and pimple

When you have pimple outbreaks, the least you can do is to pick on it.  But most people are tempted, especially the teenagers who like to pick on their acne and pimple every time.  Picking on your pimple would only do you more harm than good.

If you pick on them, you aren’t sure that your nails or hands are clean.  You are just exposing your acne and pimple to more bacteria which may lead to more pimples and acne.  You are spreading the bacteria instead of killing them.

It may also lead to worst acne and pimple scars.  Sometimes acne scars become too deep and permanent.  So you will have to bear with this for the rest of your life.   If you can control yourself from picking, control it, otherwise, you are creating a bigger problem.

Here Are The Right Food To Avoid Acne

  • Oil Control Solutions

One of the most common causes of acne and pimples are the excess oil in our sebaceous glands.  Sometimes getting oily skin is hereditary, so you cannot do something about it but you can lessen it or even control it from becoming oily.

If you follow the simple steps above, for sure you would have fewer pimples and acne.  The only means we have is to control our face from being oily.

  • Choose the Food we eat

Finding the right food is also an integral part of controlling oiliness of the face.  There are certain foods which can aggravate the oil secretion of our skin.  So, we should avoid it.  According to the experts, these are some of the foods you should avoid:

Foods to avoid:

  • Peanut
  • Oily Food
  • Chocolates
  • Junk Foods
  • Sweets

If you can avoid all of these the better.  Food can really ruin our life most of the time.  We should take care of ourselves in order for our health to become good.  When we have good health, our skin follows too. A good skin comes from the health within.

What are the things we should remember to avoid pimples and acne?

Remember to keep the skin clean all the time.  Do all the necessary things to have a healthy glowing skin which is pimple-free and acne-free.  Eating the right food will also be beneficial to you and to your overall health.

Acne and pimples

We hope that you found these tips useful for your face but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your precious skin.


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