Myths and Truths About Skin Dryness Revealed, How Does It Affect You


Myths and Truths About Skin Dryness Revealed, How Does It Affect You

The truth has been revealed about the many myths people believed about dry skin and how to deal with it.

Different Myths about Skin Dryness

We have heard a lot of things about skin myths and facts.  People believed what other people have told them even without verifying the facts.   Dryness is the condition of the skin where it feels so itchy and sometimes flaky.  It is usually caused by the lack of proper hydration that our skin needs.

Our skin comprises of ¾ water, the same thing with our body.  That only goes to show that our body basically is dependent on water.  If we become dehydrated, not only will our body be affected but as well as the physical attributes of our skin.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily may help in augmenting the water loss experienced by our body.  This is in a way helps in keeping our body hydrated despite the hot weather during the summer season.

Myth No. 1:  Cold Weather is normally the reason for dry skin.

Truth:  There are other reasons our skin turns dry.

Cold Weather

Dry skin is not only caused by a cold weather.  There are other various reasons why the skin turns dry.  One of which is our constant sun exposure.  If we always exposed ourselves to the sun, our skin will not only turn dry but it will also be subjected to many different forms of radiation caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The heat of the sun can easily dry up our skin.  Therefore, it is a myth to say that cold weather is the culprit for having dry skin.

Immersing ourselves in a hot tub can also easily dry up the skin.  Even a short engagement in the hot shower can make your skin dry.  These are the truths that you need to hear in order to believe that hot baths can also turn your skin dry.

Myth No. 2:  Hot Bath can be advantageous to dry skin.

Truth:   Hot bath as we said can be very drying for the skin.

Hot Bath

People claimed that engaging in hot baths can actually relax your mind and be good for a dry skin.  The fact is that hot baths can even lead to drier skin.  When most people thought that hot baths can gently stimulate the oil glands to lessen the dryness of the skin, this hot bath can gradually extract the remaining oil from your skin, leaving it drier.

Myth No. 3: Frequent baths and shower may reduce skin dryness.

Truth:  Your skin may, even more, become drier because of these.


While most individuals think that frequent showering and washing of the skin can change their dry skin, you are probably wrong.  This notion or an idea of frequent bathing and washing can be good for people with oily skin, but if your skin is already too dry, it is definitely not a good idea.

When you wash the skin too often, the more that you lost the essential oils and nutrients that your skin needs to keep it from being dry.  Constant washing strips the skin off of its natural oil, thus it will make the skin drier.

Myth No 4:  Increased water intake doesn’t do anything for the skin.

Truth:  Water intake can be very beneficial for the skin.

Increased water intake

This is the greatest myth ever heard so far.  As we have mentioned above, our body comprises almost ¾ water.  That means our body floats in water inside. Water is what keeps our internal organs working and our brain functioning well because of water.  Our skin, in particular, needs ample amount of hydration to keep it firm and elastic.  Otherwise, skin dehydration will happen which will be the onset of skin dryness where wrinkles and fine lines will start to form.

Therefore, drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water every day will help our body to function well and to help our skin properly hydrated and moisturized at all times.  This will help prevent premature skin aging.

Myth No. 5:  Skincare products can help heal dry skin.

Truth:  Not all products in the market can help for healing dry skin.

Skincare products

Skin care products may help with most skin problems that we have, but not all skin care products can be beneficial for the skin.  Be very careful when looking for the product for your skin problems.  Make it a habit to check the label and the substances used for the product.

Most substances should only be used in the considerable amount, anything in excess of the prescribed amount may already be harmful to your skin.  Choose the one which is based on natural products and poses no harmful side effects on your skin and health.

How Should You Deal With These Myths and Truths About Your Dry Skin?

If you are one of those suffering from a long-term skin dryness, it is a time that you decide whether the skin routine you have been doing lately does your skin good or not.  Which of the following myths have you been believing and following lately?

Now that you have been enlightened with the truths and facts about dry skin, it is the time that you changed your habits and starts doing the right thing.  Spread the truth to people who are still believing the myths.  There’s nothing wrong when you believe in myths but when this belief can already affect your health and your way of life, then we must do something about it.  We can never allow something wrong to keep happening in our life.

Facts and Truths Finally Revealed.

The truths and the facts have been revealed to you for your guidance and protection also. The skin is a very valuable part of our being.  The skin is the one that protects us from all kinds of danger.  It is but proper to care for our skin like it does to us.

Falsely following the practices which have no scientific basis can be very harmful to our skin. We should begin to look at the practical side of life and begin a real honest to goodness skin practice for our dry skin.

We hope that you found these tips useful for your skin but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your precious skin.


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