Why Is Love Considered to be the Most Powerful Feeling in the World


Why Is Love Considered to be the Most Powerful Feeling in the World?

Love is one of the most powerful thing on earth that brings two strangers helplessly in love with one another.

How Love Conquers All?

Love conquers all as they say.  Dating back in time, we can say that everything began with love.  God created us out of love and when he created man through Adam and Eve, He still considered that great love for us.

Therefore we can say that the world has been created out of love and that everything we do is almost always out of love.  We need love and we want love back.  That is the essence of our life on earth and our very being as human.

Love Conquers All

We say that love is such a powerful thing in the world.  Perhaps, it is because love comes from the Ultimate Being Himself, God.  God is the omnipotent being that controls the universe.  From Him radiates love which is passed on to every one of us.

Admit it or not, we are governed and manipulated by love.  Somehow, not everybody knows how to give and accept love.  It really depends on the person sharing his love with others.

There are selfish individuals who want all the love in the world.  Some of you may be asking, if love is the most powerful thing on earth, then why are their murders, conflict, and wars all-over us.  Can we not make love work for these to end?

It is a good question to ask, perhaps the majority of us would be asking the same question also.

Love is a very subjective issue.  All people are capable of loving, it is a fact.  However, that same love may drive people to become crazy, greedy and selfish.  It is the wrong notion of love which pushed them to be such people.

If you love someone who cannot love you back, you will feel hurt. This can either drag you become overly possessive over the person to the point of murdering him, we call this crime of passion.  The bottom line…………love.

If a man was forced to steal and do a robbery, could it be love that pushed him to do that? Out of compassion for his children and family, he wanted to give something to feed his children but no decent job, he will instead be forced to steal, out of love, right?

There are things that we really do not intend to do but was pushed to the limit because we love the people around us.  It is still considered motivated by love.

If we have to sum up that one thing that people need in this world, it is not money, it is not fame and glory but rather love.  People want to love and need love.  Love has the power to bring us together and negatively, love can also bring us apart.

Biblically speaking, Jesus Christ died on the cross out of love.  It is the greatest love story ever told in the history of mankind.

Now, this love has been handed down to us from generation to generation.  Love can sometimes end in tragedy and not the usual “happy ever after” thing.

Now the next question is, how should we keep love and relationship last without ever stepping on other people’s feelings.

Maybe most of us would ask what love is all about and how we should handle love to make sure that it is the healthy kind of love that we are talking about.

Love Vs. Hate


The opposite of love is hate.  If you do not love the person, you must be hating him or vice versa.  But did you know that there are studies made by experts saying that love can be hate and hate can be love?

Surprise?  Well, yes it is.  You really heard it right.  When you love someone you could be showing the opposite side, hate him.  Or when you actually always feel annoyed and constantly hating the person, could it be that you might be in love with him/her?

Some people who are happily married actually started in the love-hate relationship.  They admitted that they do not actually like the person in the beginning and that they couldn’t understand why they hated the person so much.

Much to their surprise, they just found out one morning when they wake up that they are now deeply in love with the person they hated the most.

Judging from how they are now, they are the most loving couple we have known around.

Love is really a mystery. We may never really know when love will strike us.

Love Moves in Mysterious Way.

Do you agree with the statement?  Love is really a mystery.  You will never know when and to whom you will fall in love with.

Sometimes we keep convincing ourselves that we will never ever fall into this kind of person. But after a while, you will just find yourself crazy in love with the person.

Asking the reasons why you loved him?  You will simply get blank and start asking yourself, “why did I love him” and you will doubt yourself because you can’t find a reason why.

This kind of feeling might scare you away and tells you that you might be doing something wrong.

Good News!  Hey Girl! You have probably been hit by love.  Yes, real love doesn’t need any reason at all.  We do not love someone because he is rich, he is handsome or because he is smart and intelligent.

We fall in love, period…. No ifs, no but you like the person because that is what your heart dictates.  If you love him for some other reasons, then that could not be love, maybe its love with some compounded intentions.

Loving the person extends to his imperfections and not bounded by his perfectness.

How do we keep our Love and Relationship last Forever?

This is the kind of question every couple in love would like to know.  Who doesn’t want his love to last for keeps?  Everybody aims for a lasting relationship.

Every married couple intends for an eternal union and bliss.  The question is how will they make it last?

Love Considered to be the Most Powerful Feeling

Nobody is in charge of your own destiny except you.  You as the couple should both work hard enough to keep their relationship going.

Love is the key to every lasting union.  Love encompasses everything including each others lapses and imperfection.  It is through our definitive mistakes that we are able to perfect our paths together.

With God in the center of every relationship, a lasting union will definitely happen.


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