Does Lemon Juice Can Eliminate Acne And Pimples?


Lemon Juice For Acne & Pimple Problems – Lemon juice can solve your acne or pimple problem which seems to be a serious skin outbreak. These skin eruptions leave an ugly scar in the face. Sometimes the scar it leaves is not just ugly, but a dark one also.

Some skin is prone to skin eruptions like pimples and acne. What made it so disgusting is the ugly dark scar that it leaves behind. A common skin problem in the adolescent stage, pimple, and acne problems don’t seem to vanish by getting a facial treatment in salons.

“How Lemon Juice Fights For Acne Scars?”

How about trying a homemade remedy to treat a pimple and dark ugly scar it brought along. Young people regarded it as a global disaster. Adult people sees it as minor. But whichever way we take it , a pimple scar is still unbearable to see.

Would you believe that the simple solution to your perennial problem is right at your fingertips? It is found in your kitchen. Lemon juice is a great way to eradicate the ugly pimple scar in your skin.


Lemon juice contains L-ascorbic acid, a natural astringent which helps in drying out pimple or acne. It also has an anti-bacterial compound that helps in fighting off acne-producing bacteria.

However , lemons may create lesions worse and avoid increased sensitivity and sun damage. The thing with lemon is that you cannot overuse it because it is highly acidic in nature. Excessive use of lemon juice in the face may aggravate the situation or may worsen the scarring of the skin.

Overuse of the lemon juice may leech out the natural skin remedy and may disrupt the natural ph balance of your skin.

Remember a little goes a long way. Just because a little is good would mean a lot is better.

Now, here are things you should remember before trying out lemon juice in your beauty regimen.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Using Lemon Juice on Your Face:

  • Never use the whole lemon wedge on your face.

As we have mentioned earlier, lemon juice is highly acidic in nature. Using it excessively would do more harm than good in your skin. Moderation is the key to everything. Never take anything in excess.

  • Don’t use lemons in open wounds or lesions.

If your acne or pimple has just erupted or in an open wound or lesion, forget about using lemon juice on your face. The more it will worsen the situation and may harm the surrounding skin of your face.Lemon juice can be used if a pimple has not popped out yet or has not erupted yet. Stop using lemon juice if it makes your skin red, irritated or worsens the breakout.

  • Don’t Expose Yourself Too Much under the Sun.

If you are using lemon juice avoid too much sun exposure. This may harm your skin even more. Lemon juice makes the skin susceptible to sun damage. This is probably the reason why most people use lemon juice at night and wash it off the next morning.

However , if going out in the sun is unavoidable, make sure you are properly protected. Use a sunscreen or wear a protective hat or umbrella to shield you off from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

  • Don’t Try Using Lemon Juice with Other Beauty Products.

Opting to use lemon juice for your skin to prevent acne and pimple, be cautious also in combining it with other beauty products. It will be beneficial to use lemon juice on days you are not using benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid etc for your skin care routine.

Citrus fruits are very rich in vitamin C. The same reason we are using it also to treat common cold illnesses. Knowing this beneficial treatment we get from lemons. It is also a very effective way to combat acne and pimple on our skin.

Citrus fruits like lemon are filled with a lot of useful substances. lemon contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. The ascorbic acid , vitamin P ,and phytoncides suppress and kill the growth of bacteria.

And the good news about it is that all skin types can benefit from a large amount of vitamin C it contains. Our skin greatly reflects that kind of health we have inside our body. If there is some serious problem within the body, the skin normally reacts negatively to this.

Pimples showing up in any part of our body (face, neck, back, nape, head) is very unsightly. Proper treatment of pimple problems should never be difficult. Natural care and remedy are available around to cure this problem without spending too much for a very effective result.


We have some quick start remedy using lemon juice to naturally fade the ugly acne scars:

  1. You need to roll over the lemon several times before cutting it.
  2. Cut it in half, the squeeze the lemon juice using your juicer or squeezer.
  3. Place the juice in a cup then fill it up with a half cup of hot water then continue to fill with cold water.
  4. Drink it up first thing in the morning to detoxify your system and for the lemon juice mask, you will need the following:
  • a lemon cut in half
  • a small dish
  • a cotton swab
  • a cotton ball
  • Now squeeze the half cut lemon in the small dish
  • Using the cotton ball and dip it in the lemon juice. If you are not sure of using pure lemon juice on your skin, try adding a little drop of water.
  • Dab the cotton ball with lemon juice and apply it gently on your face covering the entire area.
  • Leave it on for about 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • After doing this simple and easy way, you will feel a slight tingling on your skin. Lemon juice dissolves the excess sebum, eliminates oily sheen and narrows your pores.

Applying lemon on your face may tighten and dry the skin on the face, that is why we recommend that you use moisturizer after doing the procedure. Remember also to use sunscreen before you go out. Using lemon makes your skin more prone to skin damage.

Using lemon on a daily regular basis would lighten up any dark scar left by a pimple or acne. Lemon juice may whiten the skin. Rubbing your skin with lemon effectively reduces pimple on your skin. You will notice a significant change once you start using lemon juice to naturally fade away dark pimple mark on your skin.

We hope that you found these tips useful for your skin but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your beautiful skin.


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