How to choose best skin care products


Get the best tips on how to shop for the best beauty products for your skin. Learn the basic tips from determining your own skin type to choosing the right skin care product.

The Hunt is on for Cosmetic and Skin Care Product

Surely women would love this article as we feature about the proper ways of choosing the right skin care brands for you. Women are always on the lookout for cosmetic and skin care products.  Every time they shop, they would always hunt and spend time in the cosmetic area shopping around for makeups and lipsticks and other cosmetic products.The market has been so attuned to this shopping habit of women.  This is exactly the reason why we have a thousand brand names for cosmetic and skin care products.

There are expensive products and there are cheap ones, everything is offered to everyone.   Branded products are usually the ones endorsed by celebrities while cheap ones are usually seen on the market without any endorsements or advertisements.

This article would like to clarify issues regarding the skin care brands.  We will not try to promote or patronize anything but we simply would like to help consumers like you and me on the best way to choose your brand.

It is not actually the price of the product which dictates the effectivity of the product or not.  Some branded products are usually selling because of the celebrity endorsements other than that, it is nothing.

So if you consider yourself a wise buyer, you should be able to determine which is best by really trying out the product itself.  When you try it yourself, you will realize that some products are really effective even without the ads and commercialism.

You will notice that some brands really go with the name itself and not because they really work on your skin.

Some people loved going on the bandwagon, they usually go where the crowd goes. Don’t be carried away with bandwagon appeal.  This article will teach how to shop for your own products without really looking into the names.

However, there are really brand names which lived up to their names.  We will find out which names really stand out when it comes to result and effectivity.

Some names really need to be just left behind because they do not improve your skin or anything. This means that you are just wasting your money on a product which does not improve your skin condition.

So let’s get started.  There are basic steps that you need to undergo before you can actually choose your brand.


Steps in Choosing the Right Brand of Skin Care.

There are parts I and II for these.  Part I is the facial and skin analysis.  Part II determines the right skin care product and brands that are right for you.

Part I.  Face and Skin Analysis

1. Face and skin analysis are important in determining the basic skincare products for your skin. This is the basic step before you can jump into choosing the right skin care brand for you.

Determine if your skin falls under the normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin.  If you know how to tell what skin type you have, better for you.  If not, let these simple steps help you determine your skin type.

Normal skin has very fine pores almost invisible to the eyes with fewer imperfections and impurities and barely any issues at all.

Oily skin has large pores and often characterized by acne and other skin blemishes.  The skin is often shiny due to excess oil and clogged pores. Dry skin is usually rough and scaly and appears dull.  The skin usually appears scaly and flaky.

Combination type skin is a skin with at least two combinations of two skin types.  You can be oily skin on the T-zone while the dry skin on other parts of the skin.  This is usually the characteristic of a combination skin.

Sensitive skin is when you experience a slight tinge or itch at the slightest application of a skin care product. You can sometimes experience burns or itch upon using certain skin care products, then chances are you have sensitive skin.

recommendation skincare solution

2. Check if there is any condition that may affect your skin.

Certain skin care products are aimed at improving certain skin condition.  Examples of these are when you wanted to get rid of your pimples and acne, you wanted your pores to get smaller or you want to get rid of your wrinkles. Be sure of what you really wanted for your skin. Specify what you want your skin to have or become.

3. Your complexion matters.

Although most skin care products are not particular about your skin color, there are some which come in tinted form. Like there are tinted moisturizers. So, it is important that you match your skin color with the tint of the product you are using.

Be able to tell whether you have a light, medium or dark complexion.  Though at times it does not matter, it will help you a lot if you know your own skin tone.

In using sunblock for protection, it really depends on the tone of your skin.  The fairer you are the higher SPF you need.

4. Document and Record All Your Findings.

Having a record of your skin analysis will keep you abreast with your own skin.  You will know your own skin by heart and knowing such will help you a lot when you choose your skin care products.

It can also serve as your future reference when you needed to go back and have your skin analysis, then you can already have it handy with you all the time.


Part II.  Trim Down Your Choices

1.  How much money are you willing to spend for these products?

Some people are lucky enough to have the money to spend for whatever they wanted to do.  If you have the money, maybe you will not be having too much problem on which products to choose.  You may opt to have your skin undergo surgical operations. If you don’t want to go under the knife, you also have the liberty to buy skin care products that are really branded.

How about when you are under budget and you are limited only to spend on budgeted skin care products?  If you are to consider money in choosing the right product, you really need to be keen on choosing the product for your skin.

Check the labels for the substances used.  There are cheap products which are really good for the skin.  You just really need to scout them well.

Opt for products that are naturally produced than artificial ones.  natural products are safer than other products.  You can never go wrong with organic ones.

2. Better decide whether you will go for organic or synthetic.

There’s a big difference between organic and synthetic products.  Organic based products are produced by using natural means or sources.  These are safer for your skin and has no known side-effects.

Synthetic products, on the other hand, are produced by using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  This has some adverse effects on humans when used.  So it is up to you which product you are willing to use.

If you choose the latter, make sure that you guard on the quantity of substance you used.  There are recommended a dosage of this substances, so you better take a close look on this.

3.  Know the Active Substances in Your Products.

When you do the first part which is the skin analysis, you know what you really wanted for your skin. Inform yourself about the many skin care substances that can help improve one’s skin condition depending on the issues you are having with.

Educate and read about the many skin care substances that can help solve your problem.  For example, if you want to lighten your complexion, you should know that Vitamin C and hydroquinone are the best substances to lighten up your skin.

If your problem is wrinkles, then you should find a product which has plenty of Vitamin A and retinol as these are the best substances that can erase your fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Think of how comprehensive your product should be.

Decide what you really need for your skin. Find a product line that has both products catering to your specific needs.  This will save you both your time and money.

Product lines should also be adaptable to your lifestyle.  If you need a cleanser and moisturizer, find a product that has both, a cleanser and moisturizing in one.

Imagine how much you will be saving with this kind of product line. Or you could be using a moisturizer and sunblock in one.  You can achieve both purposes in one product.  Time and effort savings.

Part III.  Pick Your Own Skin Care Line or Brand.

There are many skin care product brands available worldwide.  Many known names like Lancome, Nivea and L’Oreal are only some of the best products that are making waves in the field of cosmetic and skin care products.

We are sure that small players are also effective enough for your skin. We have given you some of the guidelines in choosing the right product for your skin.  Brand names that are mentioned above are only examples of the popular brand of skin care products.

Hollywood celebrities have endorsed these products thus, making it popular worldwide.  We are not saying that these products are the best nor the most effective for your skin.

What we are saying is that these popular brands find their niche in the business because they are celebrity endorsed and because it has really proven its worth in the business.

If you have the budget then you can have the best in the world.  For people who are on a tight budget, one really has to scrutinize everything.

Recommendations may help you decide

There are certain people who can help you out in choosing the right skin care products.  Make sure that the people you asked recommendations from are really in the know-how when it comes to skin care.

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The best advice would come from the expert, medical practitioner and dermatologists are the best people to ask recommendations from.

They could check your skin condition and they can tell outrightly what product is right for you.  They are the most righteous people to tell you which product to get.

Skin care specialists, pharmacists and people who work on beauty salons can also give you the best advice.

However, you need to avoid salespeople whose only aim is to sell their products to you.  There will be biased whether you like it or not.  Certainly, they will push you to buy their products.

Better try the product samples if possible.

Many skin care companies are giving out product samples for you to try on.  If you think it is safe to try out the product, do it.

As you try out the product samples, make sure that you note down every detail you observed from the product.

There’s nothing better than trying out the product for yourself.  You can tell first hand if the product is really effective for you or not and whether it has no adverse effect after putting on the product.

Product Reviews Online may help you out.

Almost all products have online reviews.  You can read for yourself if these products have been effective to other people.  Product reviews will help out people in deciding whether they will be getting the product or not.

Product Reviews are testimonies coming from users themselves, they will tell you whether it was effective for them or not. Unbiased reviews usually give the most honest opinion about the product.

Do not forget the side-effects and other consumer reports.

Some products really have some adverse effects on certain conditions.  It is written in their product description.  It is very important to be informed everything about the product.

Everything has its pros and cons.  Make sure that you were able to read every detail about the product before buying it for your own consumption.  It is still better to be safe than sorry.

Buy the product then add later on.

Once you are all set, then you are ready to buy your own product line.  It is not necessary if you are taking a popular brand name or not.  The only important thing is to prove that the product is indeed effective for your skin and that you will never regret buying that in the first place.


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