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Puffy Eyes Treatment – Puffy eyes or eye bags is the swelling of the eyes and the appearance of swelling tissues around the eyes called the orbits. It is commonly caused by the fluid buildup around the eyes. It is also known as preorbital edema. An eye bag is usually a minor puffiness found under the eye.

Although some degree of puffiness may be considered normal for an individual. There are other factors which may be considered in the appearance of eye bags. Age , stress, and fatigue may all the more make the appearance of these eye bags more prominent.


Let us first identify the causes of these puffy eyes or eye bags:

  • Mononucleosis. It is a sign of infection. When eyes become puffy
  • and swollen it is usually a sign of infection.
  • Fluid retention. Conditions like pregnancy contribute a lot to fluid retention. This makes it more obvious in the eye area, where the puffiness is very prominent.
  • Allergies. Allergic reactions can lead to leaks in the subcutaneous capillary beds which may cause swelling of the face including the eyes.
  • Crying. Too much crying may induce puffiness in the eyes. The salt in the tears may cause fluid retention in the eyes.
  • Trichinosis. Preorbital edema, fever, and muscle pain are the main symptoms coming from eating raw and infected pork.
  • Sleep Deprivation. Interrupted sleep cycles sometimes cause eye puffiness.

Puffy eye is a situation in which the eyes become swollen. The skin around the eye is very thin and very sensitive. Normally eye puffiness resolves on its own.

But, sometimes the puffiness of the eye could be a symptom of a more serious eye problems and may need immediate medical diagnosis and treatments.

There are certainly various ways to reduce the puffiness of the eye disappears. These are simple and useful techniques that will help reduce the eye bags appearance.

Ways to Reduce Puffiness in the eye;

  • Ice Cubes. To do this, you need to place the ice cube in a piece of cloth and gently press on pressure points around the puffy areas of your eyes.
  • Green Tea. It is good for stimulating the nerves on your eye area. Make a strong green tea, place it on an ice tray and freeze.Once it formed into an ice cube, place it on a piece of cloth or gauze and start massaging your eyes gently in the morning after you wake up.Green tea helps in removing the puffiness, especially in the morning.
  • Overuse of creams and moisturizing may cause more puffiness in your eyes. So slow down on the application of creams on your face. The sensitivity and thinness of the skin around the eye area make it more difficult to find the formula of creams to be used.
  • Its sensitivity makes more susceptible to environmental damage. Extra care and caution must be practiced when using creams around the eye areas.
  • Hyaluronic Acid. It greatly boosts the skin’s moisture content. Everybody has this hyaluronic acid in the body. When you’re young you have an abundant supply of this in your body. But it declines in number as you get older.
  • Find a skin product that contains hyaluronic acid. It can help in keeping your skin plump and firmer.
  • Diet, Fitness, and Exercise. A good diet will make a big difference in your eye area. Hydrating yourself regularly also helps a lot. A healthy lifestyle contributes a lot to keeping your skin healthy. Avoid late night sleep because it gives you more reason to have those eyes puff.
  • Giving up coffee must be done. Drinking lots of coffee may be bad for your skin. However, caffeine if use in eye creams can be effective.
  • Caffeine. it is well known to travel to the skin and give additional fat to the skin. It stores fat and changes the metabolism of the cells. it is also anti-irritant. Caffeine will give you an instant repair on your skin.

To further describe what happens in eye puffiness or eye bags, normal fats that support the eyes sometimes move to the lower portion of other eyelids, which causes the eyes to appear puffy.

Treating Puffy Eyes

How To Counter The Appearance of puffiness in the eyes

There are a number of natural ways and remedies to counter the appearance of puffiness in the eyes. Follow these simple habits and lifestyles to totally eradicate your eye bag problems:

  • Cut Down on Salt Intake. Salty food leads to hypertension. Too much salt may also cause edema or fluid retention. The fluid retention is the cause of puffiness in the eye area. Avoid high salty food like pizza, burgers, and fries. Go for the natural and fresh vegetables and fruits. They are a lot healthier.
  • Sleeping Position. The way you sleep may have an effect on your puffy eyes. Sleeping on your back may prevent gravity from causing fluid buildup on the eye area. Using an additional pillow under your head may work also.
  • Limit Alcohol Intake. Too much alcohol can cause dehydration. It is not good for the skin. If you are dehydrated it may cause your eyes to appear dark and sunken. Instead of drinking alcohol, replace it with water. Drink lots and lots of water for hydration purposes.
  • No to Cigarettes. Smoking dries out the skin just like alcohol. Added to that smoking may weaken the skin on your face and the whole body. It causes premature aging around the eyes. Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the body. It creates the appearance of dark, wrinkled and droopy appearance which makes you look older than you really are.Take care of your allergies. When you have your allergies, you will notice that your eyes get puffy even more. Treat those allergies away with essential oils .
  • Neti Pot. Ever heard of the Neti Pot? This is an ancient remedy to combat puffy eyes. A neti pot is a small pot used in India. It can be found in most online stores. it helps flush out all moisture and impurities in your sinuses from seasonal allergies, cold or infection.

Simply pour out salt water in one nostril and let it drain out the other. It feels odd at first but it is actually very refreshing and cleansing.

Bags under the eyes are a common development of age and are a more common complaint of people who are slowly maturing. Fortunately by changing habits and taking certain lifestyle and dietary steps you can get rid of those unsightly bags under your eyes.


We hope that you found these tips useful for your eyes but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your precious eyes.


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