Eat Anti-Aging Food To Keep Young and Beautiful


“The TRUTH About Anti-Aging Food”

Anti-Aging Food may greatly help to keep you young looking despite your growing age numbers. How you look can sometimes be blamed by what we take in our body. Have you ever wondered how the foods we eat affect the quality of our skin? Studies show that there is relatively a close deal between the food we eat and our skin appearance. Although genetics played a major part in our skin quality. It has been linked also to the type of food we eat and keep our skin nourish. Alongside with stress and aging, food plays a major role also in maintaining a good skin. We want to combat these factors by considering some anti-aging diet into our system.

It is also food which may expose our skin to dangers of aging. As we are saying, proper diet and nutrition, and exercise all make- up for a good looking skin and a healthy body.

Ok, Let’s Start Off With 8 Foods to Avoid Skin Aging.

  • Fast Food – Do You love pizza, fries, burgers, donuts? Ohhh .. it hurts because you need to say goodbye to these mouthwatering delicacies for good if you wanted to stay young. These food groups contain a lot of free radicals that harms the skin.
  • Frozen Food – Busy people don’t have time to do their grocery. They end up stocking tons of frozen food in their fridge to consume in time. You may have bought them having the right ingredients for you. It can be better than fast food, but keeping them frozen for a long time is not good either. Preparing the best cook meal is still best.
  • Fatty and Salty Food – These include all junk food and snacks loaded with tons of sodium and MSG. Awful ? Oh ,it hurts again.. how many would say? I love junk food. Don’t fill your body with junk! that is why it is called junk food, it’s all junk! no nutrition in it. Why do you have to eat something you won’t benefit from? Same thing with salty food. It raises blood pressure and may harmful to your kidneys. So , cut it out.
  • Soda – This is definitely a big no to a skin diet. The harmful effects of sugar are enormous. Yes ,it is sweet, but not as sweet when you acquire diabetes. Diabetes is one of the major killers around the world. Never let it ruin your life. The effects of Diabetes to your skin is so damaging. It makes your skin dry and itchy. Dark patches may appear and may appear wrinkled and old. So you want another round of soda
  • Raw Oysters and Sushi – It tastes good and delicious. Eating them raw would bring a lot of danger to your health. They may carry a deadly bacteria that may cause severe illness or death. This will be better if oysters and fish be cooked first.
  • Alcohol – Have you seen an alcoholic person? How does he look like? He or she looks haggard and old. Well, that definitely is the effect of alcohol on your body. It dries up your skin because alcohol consumes you and your body’s nutrition, making you look old.
  • Nitrates – What is nitrate? Nitrates are commonly found in high levels in cured meat products like hotdogs , bacon, and other processed food. Nitrates preserve the color and prevent microbes from developing. Nitrate in itself is harmful but once it enters the body it converts the nitrate in the body into harmful free radicals which may cause cancer.
  • Hydrogenated Fats – This is also the saturated fats we found in donuts and other baked items. It is harmful because it causes heart disease.


There you have it, all the foods you need to avoid if you want to have a skin that is subtle, smooth and young-looking. To fight off the signs of aging, you should avoid eating these type of foods. Maybe you were wondering if there are still some left for you to eat. It seems like we cut out everything in your list. Of course, not, there is some healthy rich food left for you to consume. It is not just your ordinary type of food that you wanted to include in your daily diet.

That’s the irony of it. Foods that entice you, looks good and taste good don’t seem to do you good in any way. The ones that are healthy and rich in vitamins and minerals are the ones that you always ignore. So let’s take a good look on the other side and see what will work best as your anti-aging agent to make your skin young-looking and ageless in time.

Some Anti-Aging Foods to Make Your Skin Healthy:

  • Oats – It is low glycemic and is good for the heart. Oats have great control for the spike of blood sugar, that’s why it is the recommended food to eat for diabetic patients. Oats contain natural plant chemical that helps prevent damages to skin cells and soothes skin irritation.
  • Oranges and Citrus Fruits – Vitamin C is the essential contents of oranges and citrus fruits that . Skin needs a lot of vitamin C and oranges gives us an abundance supply of vitamin C. Vitamin C makes a lot of collagen our skin needs.
  • Avocados – It is rich in mono-saturated fats. The good fat in avocado helps in keeping your skin properly hydrated. The healthy fat in avocado also helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals your skin needs to keep it nourish and healthy.
  • Salmon – This fish is very rich in omega 3. Omega 3 is the one responsible keeping skin cancer from growing and spreading. Salmon is the best source of this omega 3 fats in your diet. So try consume at least 3 ounces of salmon in your diet. Enjoy it grilled or steam.
  • Grapes – It is very rich in Resveratrol. Resveratrol is found on the skin of the grapes. it counters inflammation and counters the effect of UV light and sun damage.
  • Those are just some of the list of Anti-Aging foods you may add to your diet to help maintain a good skin. Anti-Aging foods that keep your skin from premature aging. These are all -natural and you won’t have to spend too much finding the right solution to your skin .


We hope that you found these tips useful for your skin but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your precious skin.


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