Anti-Aging Definition, What Does It Really Mean?


Decades and even centuries have gone by and the search for the fountain of youth has not ceased. Gone are the days when “experience” was the key. In this modern time, people disregard the “old” and fancy the “new”. Why would someone prefer something so shabby and worn out over something fresh and trendy? People always want to show off their new cars, new mobile devices, new clothes and even the start of a new life.

Truth Behind The Age

The term age is defined as the length of life. Maybe that’s why people who are chronologically advanced often deny their true age by hiding the wrinkles on their once smooth face and the dark under eyes with the use of cosmetics and any other type of cover ups. Who would want to look in the mirror and see lines and saggy skin? The head turners and eye poppers are always those with flawless skin and vibrant hairs. Nobody wants to be left out and it’s an undeniable fact that no one wants to stay stagnant and feel like you are being pushed aside. All of us wants to be happy and youth is the key to that happiness.


People who wants to take a sip of the youth that has long gone by tend to take great lengths to bring back the juvenescence by getting professional treatments like Botox, dermal fillers, and other beautifying procedures. However, although the benefits of these procedures are often promising the downside of it are inevitable since it can bring extreme changes in the skin which is not always for the better. People who take such measures does not realize that these lines and wrinkles are the symbol of life, not all have reached to the point of realization that life itself is not an easy opponent to deal with. The trophies and things like such are nothing but mere tangible things to remind us of the achievements in life, but the creepy eyelids and saggy skin are the symbols of the challenges you have overcome. We do not often understand that our body is the masterpiece of everything we have worked for in the journey of life. The hair that turns grey, the poise and figure that once was has changed are the solid proof of the past experiences.


How To Control The Aging Process?

Whilst the skin is the first noticeable definition of youth, it doesn’t entirely cover the aging process. You need a perfect mixture and combination of well-matched clothes, trendy shoes and modish bags and accessories. All of these are the ingredients to create the best outcome. Not everyone can and will take every possible way to afford to look young and younger.

Now when we say Anti-Aging, we do not only refer to the skin touched by professionals but as well as the core of the human mind, the emotions. Tough times which bring stress to the human body are one of the main reason why our cells age, and the aging process of a single cell unit is ineluctable. With this, it is clear that even though drastic changes had been done on the outside, what truly matters are the inside components because regardless of how much we change the outside the inner aspects will find its way out and will resurface the covers. What we are trying to point out here is that in spite of the extreme measures a person have gone through, what matters most is how one can control the aging process internally.

What Causes Stress?

  • Since stress is one of the contributing factor to the advancement of age, then we have to consider how it enters the body. Stress is like a reaction to the surroundings by our body. Stressful events are those that disrupt the equilibrium of our health. Health according to the World Health Organization is not merely the absence of disease but a complete state of well-being, including physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual aspects. However, one cannot avoid stress but can only manage it. If one is under stress, even the body clock can be disrupted including the sleep and wake cycle. The changes in the said cycle also contributes to the age cells.
  • Aside from stress, we should also take care of our body nutritionally. A sound mind is not the only component to slow the aging process. The right kind of food which we feed our body with are also important. Vitamins and minerals affects our glow. Such vitamins and minerals can be found in different types of goods, mostly in vegetables, fruits and meat. To assure that our body gets to meet its daily nutritional demands we have to ascertain the intake of proper food.
  • Additionally, the body also needs regular exercise to maintain health and keep the body moving. Regular exercise also benefits the body not only for slowing down the aging process but lowers the risk of several diseases and ailments such as heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer. Regular physical activity can have short-term and most importantly long-term health benefits. This can also improve one’s quality of life.
  • Stress management, balanced diet, regular exercise, these are factors affecting cell deterioration but we also have to add a healthy lifestyle to sum it all up. Large consumption of alcohol and chain smoking does not only hasten aging but are major contributing factors to most deadly diseases as well. Consumption of alcohol according to research may be healthy but a large abusive amount will not do you any good. Limiting and if possible, avoiding the usage of tobacco and alcohol can be a great factor to look young and fresh.


Way To Defy The Aging Process

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Whether it be the natural or artificial way to defy the aging process. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look younger each passing year. Be like a flower, it’s most beautiful point is not the time where it reaches its peak bloom but its wilting days where it takes time to look back to the memories which made it who it was at the very moment. Cherish each and every moment spent because one day you’ll look back and see that a young face may be valuable but to fully experience life naturally is priceless. The secret to anti-aging is not the modification of oneself, it is often based on the quote “time flies when you’re having fun.” Live life and have fun, you won’t even mind the stretch marks and wrinkles on your face. Let each line be a reminder of the smiles that once flashed on your face and one day flashbacks from these precious memories will take place and the best cover up you can wear in that moment is a curve that sets everything straight, your smile.

We hope that you found these tips useful for your skin but besides following these, you must know how to pick best skincare product for betterment of your beautiful skin.


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