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In this present time, you can easily find Filipinos all over the world. Filipinos are opportunistic. Most wouldn’t want to admit it but it is what it is. There are millions of them working abroad in desperation to provide better lives to their families. Aside from that,  there are also Filipinas who were able to find a foreigner husband and live together with him at his homeplace.

If you are a foreigner, do you know a friend dating or married to a Filipina? If you are a Filipina and you fall on the categories below;

  • Single PH girls 25+ ? 
  • Married girls? 
  • Student ? 
  • Girls with job? 
  • Girls with big dream? 
  • Girls who needs support 
  • Educated girl 
  • Unable to support education?
  • Married girls with kids. 
  • Would you marry a foreigner with kid? 

Reading this first part of the article, do you also wish to marry a foreigner? If yes then you will have to read this from top to bottom. Get loaded up with some helpful information and see the whole picture about Filipinas dating western guys.

Understanding Why Filipinas Appreciate Western Men

First off, a Filipino man is a problem. Women get the dirty end of the stick, like in many Asian countries. But in this country where it happens, it is not just considered the “dirty end,” but a duty. And the women don’t necessarily want it another way. They have a way of turning the dirt into gold while controlling it.

Also, as mentioned in domestic law, a woman who commits adultery can go to jail. But she would not dare. The social pressures would destroy her as it does many mistresses. A man is de facto, pretty much exempted from the law. It may be enforced if the wife has money, status, and power of her own. But, she will lose face and also in return, she loses her husband.

The next pervasive thought about Filipino husbands is that they have been often spoiled by their parents and sisters, and they expect to be spoiled by their wives too. So their partners are obliged to comb their hair, bath them, cook for them, etc. even if they have shown unfaithfulness. A woman who is “martyr” is admired, considered here as an ideal woman or wife. If they don’t, they will be considered a disgrace. A woman who does not honor her husband, be a foreigner or a Filipino, is culturally unacceptable.

And here is the biggest factor why there is a rise in the numbers of Filipina looking for foreign husbands. As we are all aware, It has become common for people all over the world to marry not for love but primarily for financial security. Financial stability has pushed people, most often women, to find partners with thick pockets instead of love, because they see it as their meal tickets, their way out of poverty. In their desperation, they turn to marriage for money since they have the expectations that their well-to-do husbands will pay not only for their needs but also those of their families.

Marrying for money has become the norm in Asian countries, including the Philippines. This practice has been done in the past, but back in those days, it was much harder because communication between Filipinas and the older foreign men was limited. They could only be pen pals or talk to each other via phone calls, which was very expensive. Because of this, back then marriages between foreigners and Filipinas were very rare.

But nowadays, communication has never been easier. We can connect to any person to any corners of the world whenever it’s necessary. That’s how technology is shaping romance too. People can increase their dating choices exponentially via online dating services. And that includes Filipinas, getting much better chances of marrying a Western guy for visas. Setting foot in any Western country will mean instant wealth to her.

Another popular notion why Filipina seek Western men is that if a foreigner-Pinay couple will have kids, they will be 100% gorgeous. This is not an utter delusion.  Filipinos are crazy about certain Caucasian features such as round eyes, straight noses, light-colored hair, and fair complexions. Their well-known beauty queens with mixed blood are the proof. As you’ve noticed, the beauty standard of Filipinos is very un-Filipino like. A colonial mentality wherein biracial people that existed during colonial times usually have higher social status.

Where Do Filipina Women Look For Foreign Spouses?


For Pinays looking for foreigners, and white men wishing to marry a pretty Filipina woman, the search is not that hard anymore, thanks to online dating sites.

Almost all Filipina who are currently having foreigner boyfriends or husbands found their partners from these dating sites. 

We Don’t Sleep Around Like White Girls Do

Yes, there are several websites that they can join in for them to find each other. And because of these dating sites, a lot of relationships have blossomed into real love stories, not just for money but genuine love from each other. It’s a win-win situation for both of them as they are mutually benefiting – with women becoming well-situated financially and the foreign men being cared for. A Filipina is a strong and wise partner, a committed wife, and a responsible mom. That is also the greatest reason why western men want to marry a Filipino woman.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining An Online Dating Site?

When joining online dating sites, there is every chance of meeting someone that may or may not meet one’s qualifications. Being able to connect to a perfect haven of singles that are from different nations, cultures, and backgrounds is the greatest thing they can offer to subscribers.

If one is lucky enough to find the right dating site wherein communication tools are excellent, then it’s not impossible to find their “special someone” in just minutes!

This Is Also The Safest Place To Find A Man.

Firstly, these sites won’t rip off. Just by having an internet connection at home and a computer, one can join online dating sites right away. Registration is free, for there are no fees when subscribing. Also, foreigners won’t ask for money in most situations. Based on the stories, it’s the girls who ask for money from the men.

Secondly, dating online can’t harm anybody because one is given the power to weed out riff-raff. Most sites allow members to limit details that are shown in public. Besides that, because of these overwhelming statistics of romance scams complaints, they are very much encouraged to be on the lookout for unscrupulous individuals. There’s nothing to worry about because most of them are equipped with tools to protect users from unlikely events.

Never underestimate the power of these dating sites, as they have these matching systems that have led countless individuals to pair up to their most compatible date. They have placed a balance between personality, traits, distance, and members’ status. In addition to that, their search tools only include what is important for the user! 

Now, Isn’t It The Best Place For A Pinay To Meet Her Knight In Shining Armor?


There are already thousands of Filipinas dating foreigners through these sites. If you are one of those aspiring Filipina who wants to connect to a white man, then take this opportunity of knowing the man of your dreams. Meet them personally and marry him eventually. It is just that simple, so, JOIN NOW.

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