Looking for Love in 2019? Let Me Help You To Choose The Right Online Dating Service for You


Nearly 49 million singles have at least tried online dating at certain point of their lives. And because there are 7,500 estimated online dating sites in the record, meeting new people has only got tougher.

What Type of Relationship Are You Looking For?
Before deciding which dating site to sign up for, consider your desired outcome. Whether you’re looking to meet interesting people, start dating again after a heartbreak or searching for that person to start a family with, dating sites aren’t a “one size fits all” deal.

Top Dating Services Available For You In USA

Below we will review the top dating services available in USA.


Everything we do is aimed at bringing singles together and helping them start a relationship with a special person. We have developed this skill into a fine art! Our effective approach helps couples find each other on our website. That’s why we continue to be inspired by the love of those who use Dating.com.

This dating service valid in: USA
Age Recommendation: 25 to 65 years old
How much is cost? its FREE to Sign up and start finding your perfect match


Girls in this website is looking for men over 30 years old. Most Asian women failed to find love in their local cities so they end up trying for online dating sites. This website gives you access to almost endless single profiles of women who is looking for love the same as you, and this dating service is also valid for USA. Signing up is literally FREE! so why don’t you give it a try, maybe the right girl is waiting for you there.

This dating service valid in: USA 
Age Recommendation: 30 to 65 years old
How much is cost? its FREE to Sign up and start finding your perfect match


AsianMelodies is a dating site available in more than 30 countries. Our primary focus is a meaningful relationship. So here you can meet thousands of single men and women who are looking for love that lasts and don’t consider the language barrier as a problem.

This dating service valid in: USA 
Age Recommendation: 35 to 65 years old
How much is cost? its FREE to Sign up and start finding your perfect match

5 Valuable Tips on How to Succeed in Online Dating

Dating sites provide a wide range of matchmaking services and most of which happen to be profile-based. You will have the opportunity to browse profiles, find someone you like and start a conversation. However, the great number of profiles to choose from can be quite overwhelming and frustrating. The truth of the matter is, it is like one going out shopping for the opposite sex.

If you are about to be thinking of joining a dating site and is somewhat terrified of going home empty-handed, then we’ve got you covered here. Don’t worry, we rounded up tips and tricks of the trade to spare you from some common failures.

Tip #1  Decide which dating service or website to use…

It is important to be selective in this part since it is highly unlikely that you would have the money or even the time to be engaged to many dating sites all at one time. It is very common that you end up asking “which is the best online dating site for me?”. Just always remember that every dating site has its own specific category as to how they will attempt to match people together on relevant characteristics.

Tip #2 Let your profile picture speak for itself…

Your main profile picture is the first thing they will ever see!

The reason for that is we generally use people’s faces to make judgments about one’s personality, which are sometimes (but not always) accurate. You have to assume that a quick glance at the thumbnails is all that will make somebody decide to open the message, so if your main image isn’t the single best photo you own then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Tip #3 Writing messages and essays is a skill that you must learn…

Learning to master the art of messaging will dictate a lot of your success in online dating, And also in this fast paced high tech world of short attention spans, almost no one will take the time to read long online profile essay. Keep it short, light, and playful as much as possible.

Tip #4 Make careful decisions…

You should limit yourselves to a manageable set of dating candidates within a certain period of time. In this way, you can make your decision process easy. Try to avoid having an assessment type of mindset and be not reliant to specific criteria for selecting your prospect. Instead, select the type of person with whom you can imagine having a fun time.

Tip #5 Spend more time crafting your profile…

The more you put detail into your profile, the more you give people something to talk to you about. It will give you twice the chance to leave the site in a relationship. It’s as simple as that!


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