What Are The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?


When a man gets older, there are many health concerns that he needs to address to.  This includes the function of his reproductive system.  Age really matters when it comes to sexual function. Unlike women whose menstruation stops at 50 and above, men never cease his potential to bear a child.

A man can still have a child even in his older age, that is if he never experienced any of the symptoms that lead to erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction is the failure of the penis to erect during sexual intercourse.  This doesn’t affect everyone, but it usually comes during a man’s older age when his health is compromised.  If he has any of the following:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Problems
  • Other health conditions

More or less, if a man has any of those, he would likely develop an erectile dysfunction. Especially if you have diabetes, your penis may no longer erect as it used to before.  This doesn’t come with age but if you are afflicted with diabetes, you will surely have sexual problems.

It is one of the worst nightmares a man can have. Losing his sexual function may give him a loss of self-confidence.

In our society where man rules dominant in the hierarchy and as the stronger sex, losing his sexual potential may shame him a lot.

Men conquer the weaker sex, (female) in bed, if he loses his battle in bed, what face can he show his partner?  This is the most embarrassing scenario that a man doesn’t want to experience.  Normally, a man with sexual problems is usually shy to come out and discuss this in the open.  He is even afraid of going to the doctor to seek medical help.

If you happen to have a problem on erectile dysfunction, you should try to consult and seek medical help immediately.  The doctor can help diagnose the cause of the problem.  As we say, erectile dysfunction may just be a symptom of a bigger problem and not the problem in itself.

The doctor may link it to any of the above problems mentioned above. If the main cause of the problem is solved, probably the erectile dysfunction may be resolved as well.

Do not despair because erectile dysfunction is curable not unless your doctor has told you that it is no longer curable.  There are many medicines available to cure erectile dysfunction.

Viagra, for example, has been a very controversial drug before because of the effect it gives to the male population.  Most men have their faces lit up upon learning that Viagra might be the solution to their biggest problem.

Viagra is not just solving the erectile dysfunction problem, it can also give strength and endurance to men during the sexual act. This is the dream of every man to conquer their female counterpart in bed. To satisfy their partners sexually is their ultimate dreams and being able to sustain their stamina in the sexual act for longer duration without getting tired or feeling low is what they want.

Machismo is achieved when you have that strength and endurance in bed.  Women are mostly disappointed to men who cannot perform well after a round of sex.  If you have an active and younger female partner, she would usually demand a lot during the sexual act.  Most of the time, she would ask for more.

Sometimes men would like to give in to their partner’s request but it’s just that they can no longer perform well.  The mind is willing but the body cannot oblige anymore.

Aside from Viagra, there are so many enhancement pills nowadays that could help you solve your problems on erectile dysfunction. The market now offers a variety of supplements that could help a man in his erectile problems.

You just have to be very careful when taking this enhancement pills and supplements as this is loaded with lots of substances which can be damaging to the internal organs of our body like kidney and liver.

Make sure that when you take this supplement, it is advised by your medical doctor and he gives you the proper prescription and dosage per day of taking the supplement.

failure sexual intercourse

Do not attempt to self-medicate as this can bring you to a closer danger.  You never know how much of the pills should you take every day?  You can either overdose or underdose yourself.  Just to stand on the side of safety, it is better to consult the doctor to be sure.

Erectile Dysfunction is not an isolated case that you should be afraid to divulge in public.  Many men are affected by it and you should never be ashamed of it.  It is better to have a medical consultation so you would be properly guided as to what is good or not for you.  Trust your doctor because he knows exactly what is good for you.

If you are afraid to take medical supplements, you may opt for a better solution, the natural enhancers which are available everywhere.

As they say the best things in life are for free, and so does the medication in some of our biggest health problems.  We just need to become resourceful in finding the best solution.  Nature can really give us the best and safest method to cure our health problems.

There are many known aphrodisiacs which are known to effectively improved your sexual problems.  You will not lose anything when you deal with natural cures.  For one, it is free and second, you know it is safe and will not give you any complications.

It would be better to try out the natural ways first before resorting or opting for a commercial product enhancers.  This one does not need medical approval.  You can take the natural supplements all by yourself and check if it works effectively for you.

Natural Sexual Enhancers


  • Chillis or Pepper

Known for being hot, it can also make your sexual life sizzling hot too.  They say that chili contains capsaicin which is a natural aphrodisiac.  It can help you with your erectile dysfunction problems if you take this regularly.

  • Oyster

This product from the sea is also a known aphrodisiac.  It can help you boost your libido when you eat these seafood delicacies regularly.

  • Papaya

Are you surprised?  Yes, papaya is not only for beauty purposes and whitening.  Eating papaya fruit will not only give you better health but it will definitely solve your erection problems.

These are just some of the possible natural solutions that you have around you.  No need for expensive medications.  But it is still up to you to decide what works well for you.  It is more important that your erectile dysfunction should not be treated as a major problem.  There are many possible solutions, you just have to be open about it and not be afraid to go and check with the doctor the best possible medications for it.  It will not be a lifetime problem if you have resolved it early on.



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